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Peregrine falcon photobombs Devon drone boat shoot

A rare peregrine falcon photobombed a man who was using a drone to take pictures of a boat.

Alan Edwards said it was “one of those incredibly rare moments” when the bird flew towards the camera.

It appeared in front of the drone off the south Devon coast before flying over it, showing its “long yellow legs”.

The bird appeared as soon as it was in the sky and Mr Edwards said he “pulled the drone back” when he saw a flash.

“The last thing you want to do is hurt the bird or lose the drone,” he added.

Mr Edwards then slowed down the half second footage “shot by shot” and saw that the flash was the rare bird.

He captured the image while filming with his drone for a boat shoot near Babbacombe, Torquay, at the end of last month.

Mr Edwards, who runs a filming company, said he wondered if the falcon had a nest nearby it was trying to protect.

He said he had “never seen one out before” but would look out for the bird in the future.